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Pathfinder™ USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight: High power for camping and tactical use.

Pathfinder™ USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight: High power for camping and tactical use.

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Introducing the Pathfinder™ USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight:

Crafted with precision, this high-quality flashlight is designed for various outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, night walks, and work. Its robust construction, including shock resistance and self-defense features, makes it an essential tool for your adventures. The flashlight's multi-functionality extends to serving as a power bank, ensuring you're always prepared. With a powerful 300W LED, adjustable focus, and a lighting distance of over 500 meters, this flashlight offers versatility in different environments. The adjustable dimmer, switch modes, and rechargeable capability add to its convenience. Embrace the outdoors with confidence, equipped with the Pathfinder™ HS569 flashlight.

Most Powerful 300W LED Flashlight

The latest long-range LED flashlight uses a 300W LED wick as the light-emitting point, It is the flashlight with the longest illumination distance on the market. There are 5 modes, suitable for various places. The flashlight uses 18650 or 26650 batteries and can be used for 6-15 hours on a single charge. With 4-level power display, you can know the remaining power at any time, and use the C-type fast charging charger to charge, and the charging speed is twice that of ordinary chargers. It is a must-have for outdoor activities and a small helper for the family.

Product Parameters
1. Brand: PAWEINUO
2. New upgrade function: overcharge and overdischarge protection, 2m drop compression resistance.
3. Light source: 300W LED(New upgrade)
4. Zoom mode: telescopic zoom
5. Life time: 6-15 hours
6. Support output: 5V1A
7. Charger: Type-C direct charging
8. Range: 800-5500 meters
9. Power display: 4-level power display
10. Switch mode: 5 Modes (strong light-medium light-low light-strobe-SOS)
11. Size: 16.5cm * 4.3cm *3.1cm
12. Waterproof rating: IPX6
13. Sports outdoor projects: hunting, self-driving tour, hiking, camping, climbing, etc.

HP50.2 product parameters
1. Wick type: XHP50.2
2. Weight: 196g
3. Range: 500-800m
4. Zoom mode: telescopic zoom
5. Size: 16.6cm * 4cm * 3.3cm
6. Waterproof rating: IPX-6
7. Material: Aerospace aluminum alloy
8. Mode: 5 modes (high-medium-low-SOS-strobe)

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